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Pile it, drive it, drill it

Unisto has manufactured its innovative range of excavator-mounted equipment under the Movax™ brand since the early 1990s – and has sold its Side-Grip sheet pilers to customers in over 40 countries worldwide. Production is based in Finland, and in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the North and Central American markets.

Thanks to Movax products, excavators can be used for much more than simply excavating and can carry out many jobs at a site more flexibly and more easily than conventional equipment.

By attaching a Movax system to an excavator boom, an excavator can become a sheet piler or a tube pile hammer and handle work normally reserved for heavier, more expensive machinery. As excavators are such common pieces of machinery and found on almost every construction site, it makes perfect sense to adapt them for more demanding work on things like retaining walls, sheet pile walls, and foundations.

Movax products, which are extensively patented, replace an excavator’s normal bucket and can be interchanged very easily. This means that one operator familiar with the Movax system can carry out a wide range of jobs.

Fitted to excavators from manufacturers such as CAT, Volvo, Hitachi, Liebherr, and Komatsu, Movax technology has been field-proven in over 40 countries; and more than 700 units have been delivered to date.

Great productivity

The main products in the range are the Movax side-grip piler, the Movax Hammer (IH-25), and the Movax Auto automatic steering system. In addition to new side-grip models, the Movax product range has also been extended recently with two new soil drill models: the Movax TAD-30, a telescopic auger drill, and the Movax TAD-30 s, intended for making short holes.

The star of the range, the Movax Side-Grip piler, is a multipurpose unit for sheet and pipe piling, lifting, compacting, and more – and is ideal for driving long piles up to 12-13 meters in length in locations where large pile drivers cannot work, such as under bridges or inside buildings where headroom is limited.

All Movax units can be controlled using the Movax automated steering system. This has been steadily enhanced over the years, drawing on feedback from the field and customers, and gives operators very precise control. This makes for a very efficient use of manpower and machinery, and also improves speed, safety, and accuracy.

The compact size of Movax products means that they can be transported easily to wherever they are needed and can be operated in small and confined spaces – making construction possible in otherwise difficult surroundings, such as crowded city centres.

Movax units are the product of choice for environmentally sensitive construction work, helping ensure that work causes less impact on the environment and reducing site clean-up work.

The compact size of Movax units makes them unique. The ease with which they can be interchanged and the fact that a single, experienced operator can accomplish many tasks alone results in major cost savings.
> Matti Mustonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)