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What if managing your diabetes could be easy, fun, and motivating?
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What if managing your diabetes could be easy, fun, and motivating?

MODZup is a good example of a new, more proactive approach to health care aimed at motivating people to monitor their health and take preventive action, in partnership with their physicians and others involved in caring for them.

MODZ believes that preventive self-care and new types of automated services will play an increasingly important role in the future, particularly in dealing with problems such as obesity and diabetes that are closely linked to poor lifestyle choices. Given that conditions like these are very expensive for society in terms of their overall impact, the world clearly needs more solutions that motivate people to take better care of themselves – to help prevent diseases in the first place and make treating and living with them more effective.

It is also surprising, believes MODZ, that there are very few health care devices designed specifically for children, despite the fact that the number of children is growing in most countries and that many of the choices made during childhood often have a decisive impact on adult health.

The MODZ philosophy is based on the conviction that a focus on usability, design, and positive thinking is essential in two ways: in helping people move in the right direction when it comes to self-care; and in ensuring that its products and services offer clear benefits for health care professionals, in areas such as time-savings.

Kids first, with an adult option

This philosophy underpins the company’s first product – MODZup – a combined blood glucose meter and service solution.

Initially intended for children and young people – with an easy-to-use interface and motivational features such as a colour touch screen and fun sound effects – MODZup can be modified for adult diabetics as well.

MODZup sends measurement data automatically to a cloud-based server via a built-in SIM card. By combining a meter with a cloudbased service in this way, MODZ believes that users will be motivated to keep measuring their blood sugar levels regularly and to take an active interest in how they develop. This should help make treatment more effective and generate benefits ranging from better self-image to lower follow-on health care costs.

A cloud-based service makes it easier and simpler to manage the interface between diabetics and health care professionals, as the latter can access test result data stored in the cloud, enabling them to monitor daily blood glucose readings easily and take appropriate action in real time.

Unlike other blood glucose measurement solutions, which use separate PC software for presenting measurement data, MODZup incorporates its diabetes management follow-up system directly into the meter itself. As a result, users can monitor their daily blood glucose levels whenever they want, either from the meter directly or by connecting to the cloud.

Parents can be kept in the loop too, thanks to the opportunity to send them text messages should their children’s test results exceed an agreed threshold.

No other blood glucose meter manufacturer offers a solution like MODZup that has been designed from the ground up for juvenile diabetics.
> Salla Koski & Carina Rajala
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)