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Lighting’s easier and better with LED

Easy LED’s products are used worldwide today, everywhere from Europe’s first LED-lit ice hockey rink to streets and offices. The company recently secured exclusive distribution of its products across the Gulf region with Al Jaber Lighting as part of the largest single contract ever signed by a Finnish lighting manufacturer.

Easy LED specialises in manufacturing compact, energy-efficient LED lighting for industrial, street, area, and office use – and its products are equally at home in locations where the temperature can drop well below zero or soar to very high figures for extended periods.

Industrial locations are particularly demanding, as lighting is expected not only to yield cost savings, but also to be able to survive sometimes very demanding conditions, while at the same time provide high standards of reliable illumination. Easy LED’s new PRO series of industrial luminaires are ideal for these locations and offers a winning combination of superior lifetime economy and performance.

The low thermal footprint of LED lighting can be very useful in industrial locations, and is why one of Finland’s largest producers of meat products and convenience foods, for example, recently selected Easy LED to supply the lighting for the modernisation of one of its cold storage facilities. Service stations have also benefited from Easy LED’s technology. Its PRO 400 FUEL lights can be fitted to virtually any roof structure very easily and inconspicuously, while optional motion sensors can be included to provide intelligent light level management and further reduce energy consumption.

A pioneer in led street lighting

Easy LED was one of the first companies to produce LED street lighting, and its PRO Wave street lighting features the very latest in power management technology for an exceptionally long service life, together with superior light quality and excellent colour rendering. Its PRO Wave fixtures cover most needs in this area, from road illumination to wide-area lighting, thanks to the flexibility of their nano-coated UV-stabilised optics.

Many of the same benefits can be found in Easy LED’s area lighting solutions, such as the new Boll 400 area lamp, designed to replace conventional mercury ball lamps. Ease of installation and maintenance, together with antivandalism features, all come as standard. Lamps also provide full light output immediately, even at extremely low temperatures.

Easy LED has also been a trendsetter in office lighting, and its products offer a colour temperature very close to natural daylight.

Easy LED’s PRO Wave street lighting, seen here in Abu Dhabi, features the very latest in power management technology for an exceptionally long service life.

Lighting Finland’s sixth-largest city

Easy LED’s expertise in controlling heat and current levels in high-power LEDs and in developing lighting fixtures that can be powered up directly from mains electricity made the company the ideal choice for Turku. With a population of some 180,000 inhabitants, Turku is the first city in Finland to begin a major switch to LED technology. As part of this, around 2,600 energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lighting fixtures from Easy LED will be installed in 2013.

The up to 70% lower power consumption that these units offer compared to mercury-vapour lamps will be a big plus for the city. As street lighting are typically on for approx. 4,000 hours a year, Easy LED’s products will save the city around 1,400,000 kWh annually, equivalent to the electricity used by 600-700 one-bedroom apartments.

> Ilkka Kartio
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)