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Multicomponent gas analysis that’s quick, easy, and highly accurate

Gasmet Technologies Oy
Gasmet™ gas analyzers – available in portable, on-line, and in-lab versions – are used worldwide to monitor plant emissions and analyze the composition of process gases.

Based on FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) technology, Gasmet™ gas analyzers are the most advanced measurement systems available today for continuous gas analysis. Capable of carrying out simultaneous measurements of organic and inorganic compounds, and analyzing hot, wet, and corrosive gas streams, they can measure concentrations of up to 50 different compounds down to levels of only parts per billion (ppb) within a matter of seconds.

The Gasmet™ DX4040 is unique and able to identify both organic and inorganic compounds, whilst storing sample spectra for post-measurement analysis using a chemical library of over 5,000 compounds. No sample preparation is required and calibration is simply a zero check with nitrogen or air.
This sees them used to monitor a wide variety of gases, such as CO2, CO, SO2, NOx, N2O, NH3, CH4, HCI, HF, VOCs, and other potentially harmful substances. In addition to their speed, multicomponent analysis capability, and class-leading sensitivity, Gasmet™ FTIR gas analyzers also offer excellent specificity and simple calibration.

How do they do it?

Gasmet™ gas analyzers detect gaseous compounds based on the unique way that each and every molecular structure absorbs infrared radiation. Analyzers collect a complete infrared spectrum 10 times a second and calculate the concentrations of gases present using Gasmet Technology’s proprietary Calcmet™ analysis software, which incorporates a patented modified Classical Least Squares analysis algorithm and patented multicomponent algorithms.

This advanced, easy-to-use software offers outstanding analytical performance and compensates for cross-interference effects and maintains analysis accuracy even when faced with complex gas mixtures. As sample spectra are stored as separate files on an external computer, they can be easily re-analyzed later if needed. Calcmet™ software also enables previously unknown components to be identified, a feature that is particularly useful in areas such as process control.

Your on-site measurement laboratory

Gasmet Technologies’ DX4040 represents a complete redesign of the popular DX4030 gas analyzer and comes with a 200-item gas library for identifying and analyzing up to 25 gases simultaneously in concentrations as small as partsper- million. Fully validated results can be produced in just 25 seconds. An-easy-to-use interface enables operators to cycle through the unit’s gas library quickly and painlessly for maximum flexibility in the field.

The unit weighs just 12 kg, including a smart Lithium-ion battery, and features a patented, shockand vibration-resistant GICCOR interferometer that can operate in any orientation and scans the infrared spectrum 10 times a second. A rugged, IP67-classified handheld PDA loaded with Calcmet™ Lite software is included and features a large display, single–button operation, integrated GPS, a digital camera for documenting measurement sites, wireless connectivity, and an RS-232 port for environments where wireless networks cannot be used.

> Antti Heikkilä
(Published in HighTech Finland 2013)