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Early diagnosis is essential for effective treatment

Mobidiag’s new molecular test is capable of detecting 50 bacterial targets in a single reaction significantly faster than current methods. The test provides clinicians with a comprehensive overview of the cause of infection, together with valuable information for early antimicrobial treatment.

Some 1,400 people die every day from sepsis, a common infectious disease caused by micro-organisms in the bloodstream, making it one of the top 10 killers worldwide. Diagnosing and treating sepsis remains a major challenge for modern health care.

The amount of time needed to identify the pathogen(s) concerned represents the main bottleneck in current sepsis treatment. The sooner effective antimicrobial treatment is started, the better the prognosis for patients. The mortality of sepsis can be halved if adequate treatment and the right antibiotics can be administered to patients within 48 hours of the onset of the disease.

Rapid diagnostics can save lives

Mobidiag’s new Prove-it™ Sepsis test represents an important step forward towards quicker and more precise sepsis diagnostics. Its coverage and rate of detection makes it possible to identify 50 bacterial targets simultaneously in less than three hours starting from a positive blood culture.

This is up to three days faster than current diagnostics, and offers a valuable opportunity for better antibiotic treatment, improved patient recovery, and reduced mortality. The test also offers gives cost savings, as sepsis treatment currently consumes 40% of the costs of intensive care units, themselves one of the main cost factors in modern health care.

Following excellent results with 3,300 patient samples from University College London Hospitals in Britain and the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa in Finland, the assay is now qualified as a valuable tool for enhancing clinical diagnostics and treatment and improving hospital hygiene, particularly in preventing the spreading of multiresistant bacteria such as MRSA.

Bringing molecular diagnostics to the mainstream

Mobidiag’s unique and innovative Prove-it™ technology – focusing on the early and accurate diagnosis of life-threatening pathogenic microbes – is the outcome of extensive R&D work, and draws on the company’s core competency in developing reliable diagnostic assays by combining advanced clinical know-how and assay content design with world-leading platform and software technologies.

The same expertise has also been used to develop another product line – Prove-it™ Herpes – designed to identify the herpes viruses behind life-threatening central nervous system infections (CNSI).

Mobidiag is committed to remaining at the forefront of microarray-based tests like these, which it believes will become a mainstay of every-day diagnostics in the future, due to their simplicity, speed, and reliability. The company’s vision underlines the importance of bringing efficient and reliable high-tech tests directly to the patient, and its goal is to develop new-generation point of care (POC) solutions for all major serious infections.

Mobidiag’s Prove-it™ Sepsis assay provides critical information for early antimicrobial treatment by identifying the pathogens causing sepsis significantly faster than current methods. The test has the potential to revolutionise current hospital methodology used in clinical sepsis diagnostics.
> Jaakko Pellosniemi
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)