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Helping make it happen for emerging technologies

In just five years, Spinverse has grown into Finland’s leading emerging technology consultancy. The business is founded on three pillars: coordinating large-scale public programmes, organising technology events, and helping create new businesses.

Spinverse coordinates public programmes worth over €600 million, covering areas such as nanotechnology, fuel cells, functional materials, and mobile services on behalf of Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation – giving the company a pivotal position in the Finnish innovation system.

The company also hosts a number of emerging technology events, including Nanotech Europe, which has become Europe’s largest annual nano technology forum. Nanotech Europe events have hosted keynote speakers, including CEOs and CTOs, senior policymakers, and Nobel Laureates. The 2009 event, the fifth to date, will take place in Berlin in September.

Spinverse combines a range of scientific, industrial, and investment expertise with wide contact and knowledge networks to help commercialise emerging technologies.

Nanotech Europe has enabled Spinverse to leverage an extensive international network of companies and research centres, providing them with new channels for coming together to exchange ideas and build partnerships.

Creating new businesses

Spinverse’s New Business Creation Team provides consultancy services for people who want to develop businesses on the back of emerging technologies and move to the next stage in the commercialisation pipeline.

Spinverse recently completed a project for a group of researchers looking to commercialise their expertise in fine particle analysis, for example. With the assistance of Spinverse, the group was able to establish a company and win several important customers during their first year of operation.

Spinverse works with customers like this to build business development strategies, taking into account the skills of the people involved, the potential of the markets they are interested in, and the competitive landscape.

Spinverse consultants identify and contact experts to validate a customer’s technology expertise, and identity specific potential key partners and customers. This is combined with a robust quantitative analysis of the market potential of the technology and/or product in question, enabling Spinverse to make its recommendations with confidence.

Spinverse is also able to call on its knowledge of the Finnish innovation system to recommend funding opportunities and other support.

Looking ahead

Spinverse’s success to date has been based on a mix of commercial experience, technology understanding, and the company’s central position in the Finnish innovation system. It plans to build on this and develop its core business areas across a range of technologies and geographical markets as it goes forward – working with inventors, research organisations, start-ups, growth companies, and larger enterprises.

> Maria Sipilä
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)