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Going barefoot – in shoes

Feelmax footwear is pioneering a new approach to what we put on our feet, by going back to nature and enabling us to walk barefoot, almost, but in shoes. Feelmax footwear is the lightest anywhere – each shoe weighs less than 100 grams and fits almost like a sock, making them extremely comfortable to wear.

Feelmaxes are the lightest footwear on the market and fit almost like a sock, making them very comfortable to wear.

It has been estimated that the development of the human foot and the way we walk took approximately four million years. During the last couple of millennia, we have determinedly gone about turning that development and our natural way of walking on its head by wearing shoes.

Feelmax footwear is designed to help us regain the positive benefits, both for our feet and our entire bodies, of walking barefoot, while giving us the protection that we expect and need in today’s world.

It’s all in the soles

The soles of Feelmax shoes are manufactured from a premium-quality, very thin special fabric developed by Continental ContiTech. This is highly durable and flexible, as well as waterproof.

Only around 1 mm thick, this fabric protects the sole of the foot without restricting its movement. And because they conform to the form of the foot in the same way that socks do, Feelmax shoes are also comfortable to wear.

The minimal thickness of the soles of Feelmax shoes allows the more than 200,000 nerve endings on the bottom of the feet and in tips of the toes to sense the terrain naturally and authentically. Someone wearing a pair of Feelmax shoes can sense changes in the surface and shape of the ground underfoot easily, and benefit from the sensations that are conveyed through their feet to the other parts of their body.

When you can feel the changing shape of the ground in this way, your feet will behave as nature intended, benefiting the muscles and ligaments in your legs and elsewhere in your body.

The secret of Feelmaxes is their thin soles, which enable people to experience the sensation of walking virtually barefoot.


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The benefit of walking virtually barefoot, as you do in Feelmax footwear, lies in the fact that the whole sole of the foot is placed on the ground evenly. As the heel is not elevated, as it is in normal footwear, the pelvis and the spine can assume a more natural position, and the toes can work as originally intended.

Given its natural nature, Feelmax footwear is ideal for everyone. Those most likely to benefit are people on their feet for extended periods, those who like to spend a lot of time outdoors, growing children, and athletes keen to get the most out of their training programmes.

> Jarno Pulkka
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)