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Hydraulics everywhere

Over 20 years in the business have made Dynaset a highly innovative developer of applications based on hydraulic equipment offering excellent efficiency, ease of use, and compact size. Electricity, high-pressure water, and compressed air can all be generated by Dynaset’s products.

All of Dynaset’s products are based on drawing power from hydraulics and transforming it very efficiently into electricity, high-pressure water, or compressed air. The company’s extensive experience in the field means that it can solve challenges in existing hydraulicbased applications and develop completely new ways of utilising hydraulic power.

Dynaset’s installation valves are a good example of what makes the company’s know-how so powerful. These priority flow control valves enable Dynaset hydraulic generators to be connected to any type of hydraulic system easily and reliably – enabling them to operate simultaneously with other hydraulic equipment by guaranteeing a prioritised, nonfluctuating hydraulic fluid flow.

Versatile portable electricity

Dynaset hydraulic generators transform hydraulic power into on-site electricity for power tools and appliances, work lights, pumps, and cooling and air-conditioning units. Variable hydraulic generator systems guarantee stable voltage and frequency regardless of whether a truck or boat engine is idling or running at full speed, and are ideal as compact power supplies for things such as temperaturecontrolled containers and onboard electricity.

Dynaset hydraulic welding generators are the lightest units of their type anywhere, yet still offer plenty of welding power and high-quality auxiliary electricity.

Dynaset hydraulic magnet generators can be connected to the hydraulic system of any excavator, mobile crane, or other machine for scrap handling, recycling, and demolition work.

Water and compressed air

Dynaset’s street washing units can be used with an extensive range of vehicles, and are based on a patented hydraulic high-pressure water pump, actuated by a vehicle’s original hydraulic system. Their enormous power is based on the high-pressure output of the Dynaset pump, intensified by special water nozzles.

Dynaset’s high-pressure hydraulic pumps guarantee a steady flow of liquid at high pressure. Their patented construction is based on the hydraulic piston-to-water principle and gives total freedom to their rotating parts, resulting in excellent durability. Typical applications include high-pressure equipment for street washing, pipe cleaning, dust suppression, hydroscaling, and firefighting.

Compact and lightweight, Dynaset’s hydraulic compressors are perfect for replacing old-fashioned towed compressor units and providing trouble-free compressed air for pneumatic tools, air flushing, and similar needs. Dynaset compressors offer high performance, efficient compression, and need very little service – and keep costs down without sacrificing high power and quality.

> Kimmo Koskinen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)