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More productive welding

Pemamek was established 40 years ago with the simple goal of improving customer productivity by providing innovative work-piece handling equipment and welding automation solutions – and its products are used in heavy engineering, construction, shipbuilding, and the offshore industry worldwide today.

Pemamek’s heavy welding systems are used in over 50 countries, and the company is a preferred partner for manufacturers of wind energy and thermal power plants, as well as process industries and the nuclear sector.

Strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Motoman and Lincoln Electric – together with ongoing technical innovation – are central to sustaining Pemamek’s reputation as the world’s leading specialist in industrial work-piece handling equipment, welding mechanisation and automation systems, and heavy-duty robotics. PEMA solutions offer industry-leading levels of productivity, quality, and ergonomics.

Pemamek focuses heavily on R&D and makes use of the best available software and hardware tools, integrating the latest automation concepts and technology into its products and services. Product assembly, electrification, automation, and testing all take place in-house, ensuring that projects are completed on-time and on-budget.

Pemamek’s reputation for customised, highquality products is also built on close cooperation with its customers.

By taking the time to analyse and understand customers’ requirements, Pemamek can design the new features and new technology they need and tailor services and technical support accordingly. Fast and efficient service and customer support ensure continuous, uninterrupted production and optimal utilisation of equipment at all times.

PEMA SWP stiffener welding stations like this offer a major step-up in productivity. Complete packages including all the core equipment required in a production facility can often be supplied.

Guaranteeing efficient production

  • Work-piece handling equipment, rollerbeds, welding columns and booms, robotised welding automation systems, and engineering solutions are ideal for boosting productivity in heavy engineering
  • PEMA solutions for mobile machinery include robotised welding stations, automated and robotised welding production lines, and material and work-piece handling equipment
  • PEMA solutions for civil construction include robotised welding stations, automated and robotised steel panel manufacturing lines, heavy section and steel beam production lines, and work-piece handling equipment
  • Complete PEMA automated and robotised steel production lines and workstations for flat panels, micropanels, double-bottom construction, and profile processing for shipbuilders and offshore yards
  • Boiler manufacturers worldwide use Pemamek’s stationary or gantry-type welding machines and equipment for material handling and preparing membrane wall panels
  • PEMA wind power industry solutions include automated assembly systems, welding and painting lines and workstations, and work-piece handling equipment
  • Many companies in process industries and the nuclear sector also rely on PEMA work-piece handling equipment, rollerbeds, welding columns and booms, and robotised welding automation systems.
> Jukka Rantala
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)