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A partner that delivers more

Incap Corporation
Incap’s customers include many leading technology companies that rely on Incap as a strategic manufacturing partner – to help them deliver products that off er greater energy effi ciency and enhance people’s well-being.

As an international contract manufacturer, Incap cover the entire life-cycle of electromechanical products, from design and manufacture to final assembly and after-sales services. Customised, qualitycertifi ed manufacturing is provided by modern plants in Finland, Estonia, and India offering high efficiency and competitive costs.

By partnering with Incap, customers can devote more attention and resources to building their brands, business development, distribution, and marketing.

Focusing on energy-efficient solutions

Incap provides customers in the energy sector with generator and electrical motor components, emergency power sources, energy meters, power supplies, control cabinets, and components for electricity supply and power distribution equipment – and helps them develop and implement solutions that maximise the reliability of power supplies and minimise power losses.

In addition to reliable and agile manufacturing, Incap offers a growing range of design expertise, together with a full range of life-cycle services. This has seen the company devote increasing attention to building up its know-how in the field and using this knowledge to develop more innovative solutions for its customers’ needs.

By partnering with Incap, customers can free up resources for other use and reduce their time to market.

Incap’s design and engineering expertise at its unit in India has been central to a growing number of its orders recently. Building on this success, which has seen Indian operations shift from being a printed circuit board assembly provider to much more of a design partner in areas such as power electronics, the design team there is due to be expanded during 2010.

Serving other businesses

In addition to its energy-related business, Incap also provides technology companies in wellbeing, health care, security, and entertainment with manufacturing services and product lifecycle management solutions.

Customers’ end-products include patient care monitors, performance measuring devices for fitness and sport, electronic weighing scales, dentistry equipment, coin-operated amusement machines, metal detectors, tracking devices, airport security gates, locks, and weather forecasting equipment.

Integrated design services

Integrated design services represent an increasingly important part of Incap’s offering today – and is seeing the company take a growing role in helping select components and materials, manufacturing and testing technology, and delivery logistics. Incap’s extensive design services cover areas such as product development, designing for optimum manufacture and assembly, and component engineering.

Customers often gain the greatest added value from Incap’s design services through the extra attention given to manufacturability as part of the design process. Even existing products can often be re-designed to be simpler and capable of being manufactured at lower cost.

> Jarmo Kolehmainen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)