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Speed, quality, and ease of use

Orion Diagnostica’s next-generation QuikRead go® point-of-care system has been developed to simplify the daily routines of health care professionals. Building on the proven strengths of the QuikRead concept, QuikRead go® offers several enhanced new features and a fresh modern design.

Health care practitioners are often faced with having to decide whether a patient’s infection is related to a bacterial infection requiring antibiotic treatment or is a self-limited viral illness, which usually resolves itself without intervention. The clinical signs and symptoms frequently overlap. Faced with time constraints, patient expectations, and insufficient diagnostic tools, physicians may all too easily end up writing an unnecessary prescription for antibiotics.

Orion Diagnostica’s QuikRead go® – the fastest test on the point-of-care market for measuring C-reactive protein (CRP) in whole-blood samples – offers a very useful diagnostic tool here. It can also make a valuable contribution to reducing the growth of antibiotic resistance, one of the most serious concerns facing health care today.

Ensuring people get the antibiotics they really need

CRP concentrations can increase up to a thousand-fold when a bacterial infection hits, while viral infections, with few exceptions, usually have little or no effect on CRP concentrations, which are typically low in healthy people. Following effective treatment, CRP concentrations decline rapidly.

Adding QuikRead go® to the clinical toolbox can help speed up and simplify diagnostic procedures and reduce the unnecessary prescription of antibiotics.

The speed and reliability of CRP measurements offered by QuikRead go® can be particularly useful when diagnosing acute respiratory tract infections. Caused by viruses, bacteria, or a combination of both, these infections often present with similar symptoms and are the most frequent reason for seeking medical attention and for prescribing antibiotics in primary health care. CRP results provided by QuikRead go®, combined with other clinical information, can help identify patients who need antibiotic therapy – and those who do not.

It couldn’t be easier or quicker

The QuikRead go® test procedure is extremely simple and requires no special training or laboratory experience. The QuikRead go® unit is compact and very portable, and has a highly intuitive user-interface. Language settings, together with user and patient ID, can easily be entered via the touch screen. Test results are stored automatically in the unit’s internal memory for easy traceability and can be downloaded to electronic patient record and laboratory information systems.

Using a small finger-stick blood sample, QuikRead go® can produce a CRP result in just a few simple steps and a matter of minutes, enabling diagnostic and treatment decisions to be made during a single patient consultation.

For enhanced flexibility, whole-blood samples can be stored in the buffer solution for two hours if the test cannot be performed immediately. Automatic haematocrit correction minimises the effect of individual variations in blood composition and brings added reliability to test results.

QuikRead go® produces a CRP result in a matter of minutes from a small finger-stick blood sample.

An expert with expert solutions

Orion Diagnostica specialises in easyto- use, cost-effective clinical diagnostic tests and hygiene monitoring solutions designed to improve health care effectiveness and individual well-being. The focus is on products for primary health care that enable consultation, testing, and treatment decisions to be completed during a single patient visit. Orion Diagnostica also serves large clinical laboratories that carry out high-volume analyses.

The company’s product range covers diagnostic tests for detecting infectious diseases and disorders affecting bone and soft-tissue metabolism, as well as specific protein and hormone assays, and hygiene monitoring tests for ensuring the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection routines in locations with strict hygiene requirements.

Orion Diagnostica’s products are sold worldwide through subsidiaries, sales offices, and a distributor network covering more than 60 countries.

The company is part of the Orion Group, Finland’s leading health care company, which develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and diagnostic tests for markets worldwide.

> Anu Mickels & Jukka Laukkonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)