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Bridging the gap between technology and markets

Spinverse helps companies, governments, and researchers bridge the gap between technologies and markets by combining industrial, financial, and scientific expertise – in areas such as energy, the environment, materials, and nanotechnology – with worldwide networks.

Spinverse provides consultancy services for organisations of all sizes aiming to gain competitive advantage from cutting-edge technological know-how or growth through innovation. Its services focus on technology transfer and scouting and include feasibility studies, IP commercialisation, technology benchmarking, and strategy and business development.

Spinverse has built up a broad base of experience by helping technology-based start-ups establish their business, supporting larger organisations in capitalising on their latent IP portfolios, and advising technology companies in developing their business in countries such as Russia.

Typical of what Spinverse can offer in the latter area is a recent project for a mid-sized company that wanted to establish a manufacturing base in Russia. Spinverse coordinated a global search for a suitable novel material for the new plant and helped the company acquire the critical know-how for utilising state-of-the-art technology and source funding from major industrial investors.

Innovative networks

The national and multinational technology programmes in nano- and materials technology managed by Spinverse – for Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation and Fimecc (Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster) – have a total net value of over €600 million and give the company a pivotal position in the Finnish innovation system.

Technology transfer calls for building bridges with new people, new networks, and new funding sources – all areas where Spinverse can provide valuable support.

Spinverse programmes and events, like Nanotech Europe, help activate expert communities and leverage an extensive international network of companies, research centres, CEOs and CTOs of major corporations, senior policy-makers, and Nobel Laureates.

Nanotech Europe is Europe’s largest nanotechnology conference and Spinverse is now working with the European Commission – the region’s largest funder of nanotechnology – to further develop the event as a meeting-place where companies can access bleeding-edge technologies.

The 2011 Nanotech Europe event, the sixth to date, will take place in Budapest.

Spinverse is also carrying out a number of studies on the impact of nanotechnology as part of the European Commission Framework Programme 7 ObservatoryNANO project – and is responsible for assessing the impact nanotechnology is likely to have on ICT and the energy, environment, and security sectors.

Looking ahead

Spinverse’s success has been based on a mix of commercial experience, technological expertise, and the company’s central position in the Finnish innovation system. The future will see Spinverse building on this foundation and developing its core business areas across a range of technologies and geographical markets as it goes forward.

> Pekka Koponen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)