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HighTech Finland

HighTech Finland profiles a broad cross-section of the exciting work being done by Finnish companies and researchers – in areas ranging from mobile communications and sustainable energy to environmental technologies, new types of health care, advanced industrial processes and materials, and more.

The site is organised into five sections:

  • Innovation in Finland
  • Energy & The Environment 
  • Health Care & Life Sciences 
  • Information & Communications, and 
  • New Materials & Processes.
By clicking on one of the titles in the navigation bar on the left in each of these sections, you can access articles on companies and organisations that are pushing the envelope in their own fields.
Full contact information is provided at the beginning of each article. You can also use our index and search functions to locate information on specific companies, organisations, or technologies.
Whatever the field you’re interested in, we’re sure you’ll find something here to spark your imagination.
The HighTech Finland Team
The HighTech Finland Team produces a print edition of HighTech Finland every year, and maintains this Web site, which features the content of the latest edition, as well as previous editions, together with a news section.
We work closely with a wide range of organisations and companies – and our partners at Tekes, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and Finpro – to help keep you up-to-date with Finland’s most interesting innovations.
HighTech Finland is a registered trademark.