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Energy & The Environment
Energy & The Environment
Given the world’s rapidly growing appetite for more energy, meeting this need while at the time cutting emissions and mitigating the effect of global warming are becoming increasingly tough challenges. Building a more sustainable world for people today and – even more importantly – for future generations is becoming an increasingly important imperative.

Promoting a greater use of renewables, tapping the power of the sea, and generating and using electricity in smarter ways, are just some of the areas in which Finnish companies are helping improve the way we manage all things energy-related.

The cleantech field is expanding rapidly as researchers and the business world focus on leveraging existing expertise and developing new know-how to reduce our environmental footprint.

New capabilities that are emerging as a result of the work being done by Finnish companies on managing waste streams more effectively include using robots to improve recycling and automating the way waste is collected in the first place.

Health Care & Life Sciences
Health Care & Life Sciences
With many of us living longer today, access to better treatment and care is becoming more and more important. The pressure on health care providers to deliver the treatment and care we need at a cost that society can afford is also growing. Safety issues also need to be addressed more comprehensively as the number of pharmaceuticals and different types of care available to physicians continue multiplying.

Finland’s health technology manufacturing sector has been steadily growing in recent years, and Finnish products in areas such as dentistry and diagnostics are renowned for their innovation, performance, and durability, as well as for being extremely safe.

IT & Communications
Information & Communications
Mobile technology and advanced software in areas such as process and network automation have been an integral part of the Finnish hightech landscape for many years.

While these remain important areas of expertise, a growing number of small Finnish companies are making inroads into other fields, such as data and software security and making it safer to surf the Web.

And who would have thought that a young Finnish start-up could have taken on the penny auction business in the US and come out such a winner?

New Materials & Processes
New Materials & Processes
Finland’s engineering, materials, and logistics know-how is surprisingly wide-ranging and extends all the way from forest products, the country’s bedrock industry for many years and still an important part of the economy, to composites, lasers, and nanomaterials…

Finnish equipment can also often be found hard at work keeping mineral production around the world running at its best. And then there’s the fact that many of the world’s elevators and cargo terminals also depend on technology from a Finnish company.

Given Finland’s icebound coastline during the winter, it’s not surprising that Finnish companies are among the very best at designing, building, and powering ships capable of navigating through the thickest ice. What’s more surprising, perhaps, is that they have also built and equipped some of the world’s largest cruise ships.